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Buy wooden baby toys and much more - discover the world of Brainbow Toys

Which toy does your child prefer to play with? If you watch your child closely, you will usually find that children prefer certain toys. This toy is not always the most expensive, loudest or most colorful, but usually the one that can be used in the most versatile ways. Creative toy ideas that offer your children many options are our passion. With this in mind, we choose the toys we offer. No matter whether baby toys made of wood or toys for older children. Because we are convinced that playing and learning always go hand in hand. Because of this, we sell high quality toys, handpicked from various smaller manufacturers around the world. No matter whether baby toys made of wood, children's toys or technical toys for young people. In our Online Store you can find toys for every age group. Do you want to give away a unique toy? Something you may not have heard of before? Then you've come to the right place at Brainbow Toys!

High quality, sustainable and exciting - buy sustainable baby toys made of wood and other creative games

Here you will find toys from international brands for children of all ages. We are always looking for new creative game ideas. The fun factor is a decisive criterion for our selection. A good toy offers a lot to the child Freedom to develop yourself and there is no fixed scope of use, but numerous possibilities to challenge your own imagination. This applies both to baby toys made of wood that you can buy from us, as well as to rag dolls, cuddly toys or construction kits. Toys shouldn't anticipate too much, but rather encourage the child to participate and think along. Then it is not only fun, but also develops important skills and learns new things while playing. In addition, the long-term fun factor of a toy increases if it can be used creatively in multiple situations. The second criterion for us is the quality of our products. The market is flooded every year with toys that encourage parents and children to buy, but often end up broken or unused in a corner of the child's room after a few uses. This not only puts a strain on your wallet because new purchases are made all the time, but also on the environment. We therefore advise parents to consciously choose toys and buy them specifically. In our online shop, parents will find long-lasting toys that can be played with over the long term, such as our wooden baby toys, with which you can give your children long-term joy. No matter whether baby toys made of wood, movement games for children or construction kits for teenagers. With us you will find creative alternatives to conventional toys.

In order to be able to present our toys not only in the digital world, but also directly, we often go to trade fairs. Here we can touch the toy directly and convince ourselves of its quality. In addition, on such occasions we are increasingly looking for toy brands that sustained and produce in an environmentally friendly manner. Come to our booth when visiting a trade fair and discover wooden baby toys, children's toys, dolls and cuddly toys from all over the world. Buy something special for your kids.

Exclusive toy brands from around the world

We now have over 70 brands from all over the world on offer, and the number is growing all the time. We carry products from all over the world, from manufacturers in South America, Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA. Each of our manufacturers has its own story. You can find interesting information about each brand on the corresponding page. Whether baby toys made of wood, movement games or cuddly toys, you can buy an individual and unique selection of children's toys from us. Some products are only available from us in Germany and Europe. These include the magnetic building blocks from Pixio, the innovative toy train intelino or the wall ball track from Oribel. Take a look at our exclusive products in the shop and get to know them. There is sure to be something that interests you. It doesn't matter whether your child is still playing with wooden baby toys, exploring the world on both legs or learning new things at school our toys you can optimally support his development process.

Do you have any questions? We're here for you!

Behind Brainbow Toys is a small three-person team from the North Rhine-Westphalian province. Of course we have our hands full. Each of us takes on all sorts of tasks in order to be able to sell you and your child exciting, creative toys of the best quality. Whether educational toys, kits or baby toys made of wood - if you Questions or suggestions you can contact us at any time to reach. We will respond as soon as possible and look forward to hearing from you soon.