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Baby Toys

Presenting a newborn is great fun. We are happy to spoil the sweet little ones with all kinds of clothes and toys. If you, as a parent, relative or acquaintance, would like to give your baby the gift of a baby toy, you're sure to be looking forward to the sparkling eyes and happy smile. However, parents are often unsure: When should you start using toys? Which toy is the right one? What do I have to consider when choosing?

Toys for a newborn can make sense. However, it should be a rather simple product. Children who are a few weeks old often don't need more than one Blanket or Rag doll in the cradle. After 1 to 2 months are also rattle, Crackle books or Squeaky animals sensible. They help to build up hearing. As soon as the child gets teeth, you can go for toys with Teething rings or bite plates search. The baby chews on it, creating a back pressure on the teeth and massaging the gums. This relieves the pain (and the crying).

Larger toys that the child must grip are only suitable approximately if the child can sit. Then it's a good idea to him Teething Toys or give figures to play with. About one Gripping car to whiz across the floor or a Squeaker for the bathtub. The baby can build the tendons in his hands and muscles in the arms. In the further course of development are also Plug-in games or sorting games sensible. This allows the baby to train additional skills such as skill or recognizing colors. When the baby starts walking slowly, can Pulling or pushing toys make it easier for him to get started.

It always helps to know the child's level of development. Then choosing the right toy is no longer a problem. In our overview you can see what skills children of which age are normally mastered.

Material & quality: what you have to consider when choosing

Babies want to discover their environment with all their senses. Therefore, they reach for everything to look at and - of course - put in their mouths. This will also happen with baby toys. No matter what it's intended for, sooner or later it's in baby's mouth. For this reason, it is important to have toys for babies absolutely free of pollutants is. Likewise, when choosing, you should note that no sharp edges present and Rounded corners are. Nobody wants to hurt or even hurt when playing!

Toys are made from different materials. Is extremely popular Wooden Toys, because it is stable, robust and durable. It can also be produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. If this is important to you, you will find a wooden version of almost every baby toy. But make sure that the wood is certified and free of pollutants. The same applies to fabric products. Blankets or stuffed animals for babies should be soft, cuddly and free of harmful substances or additives. A popular material for this is cotton. For plastic products, of course, only non-toxic substances should be present in the toy. The quality of the workmanship should also be good to avoid problems with sharp edges due to production errors. The following applies to babies: the rounder the toy, the safer it is.

Great variety of brands in the online shop

At Brainbowtoys you will find many international brands for baby toys. This overview shows you which products each brand offers.

  • Tikiri produced from Sri Lanka Rattles and squeaky animals environmentally friendly from local rubber.
  • With the German brand goki you will find different ones Touch toys, vehicles and pull-along animals and push animals.
  • Histoire d'Ours from France Comfort blankets, blankets and soft toys here.
  • The brand also comes from France Kaloofrom which you Baby towels with teething rings in our shop.
  • Teethers and many other details are also available with the great ones Soft toys Desserts.