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Children's toys

In this category you will find toys for children from 5 years. If you are looking for something for younger children, check out Baby Toys or when Toddler toys in the menu.

There are many reasons to give toys to children. Whether for Christmas, for a birthday, as a reward for your certificate or just in between. However, the toy often ends up at the bottom of the box after a short time and is no longer considered. If you want to give away children's toys and prevent them from getting bored instead of being fun, you just have to follow a simple rule when choosing.

Watch out for creative toys

Creative doesn't mean that you have to give away brushes and musical instruments. It's about what the toy lets the child do - or doesn't let the child do. Let us take as an example a rag doll, in which all details are completely present: a friendly smile, beautiful eyelashes, a pretty hairstyle with a chic crown. This doll may look great, but it is not creative. Children cannot point anything into them. If the child is sad, they may not want to see a happy smile at all. With a simple doll with a neutral facial expression, the child can better use his imagination. It can pretend the doll is sharing his feelings.

An electronic toy car with great, detailed paintwork and lifelike sound really makes a difference. Unfortunately, it ends up in the corner as quickly as it was bought. So much can go wrong with such a toy. What if the child doesn't like the pattern? What if the sounds were different? Then it quickly sits in the children's room, plays with a simple wooden car and makes the sound itself as it pleases. Good children's toys do not make many rules for the child about how to play them. The more play options there are for a product, the longer the child can enjoy it.

Creative children's toys at Brainbow Toys

We are constantly looking for high-quality, creative toys for children around the world that stimulate the imagination instead of inhibiting it. There are many international brands to discover in our shop, which you may not yet know. Here you will find a brief overview of which toys you can find with which brands.

  • The Japanese brand Mokulock provides Holzbausteine forth that are very similar to Lego bricks.
  • pixio from the Ukraine you will find exclusively in our shop with small ones Magnetic blocks.
  • The Austrians from Matador have been producing for almost 100 years creative wooden building sets with tools.
  • Who rather on Metal kits stands, is with the OFFbits found it from Israel.
  • Fat braintoys from the USA are with Movement games and puzzles represented in our shop.