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Guidecraft Treasure Tubes

Treasure tubes Multicolored
Treasure tubes Transparent
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Udea's Marble Run: Bamboo Build & Run

ab 31,95 
Bamboo Build & Run (138pcs) JUMBO-01 138 parts
Bamboo Build & Run (48pcs) BASIC-0 48 parts
89 parts
Bamboo Build & Run (98 pcs) MUSICAL-01 98 parts

Areaware Cubebot Micro

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GIGI Blocks XXL 100

gigi-bloks-200-xxl-building-blocks-color (2) Multicolored

Connetix Car Pack - 2 pieces

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Teeter Popper - rocking board


Guidecraft Junior Rainbow Blocks

Jr Rainbow Blocks 20 parts
40 parts
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GIGI Blocks XXL 200


Leg&Go Disk Swing incl. ceiling hook


Sumblox instruction cards - set of 80

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Small Foot Push Figures Animals


Guidecraft Treasure Blocks

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Guidecraft Magna Tablet

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Buy toys for toddlers: Play with all your senses

Small children discover the world while playing. It's great to watch them play with different toys, be it a wooden car, a doll or building blocks, gradually understanding things and getting excited about them. It is therefore all the more important for toddlers to have creative and age-appropriate toys available. This is the only way you can optimally promote your child's development. Because when the little ones play, they not only have fun, but can also learn a lot at the same time. Support your child between the ages of 2 and 4 with toys that are specially tailored to their needs and abilities.

Toys for toddlers lead to unconscious learning processes

It has long been no secret that children learn while playing. However, the learning effect through play is often underestimated, especially in toddler age. Many parents wonder what kind of learning effect it has for their child when he or she whizzes loudly across the floor in a toy car. The answer is: quite a lot! Muscle groups are activated, hands and eyes have to be coordinated. Imitating driving noises stimulates different areas of the brain and trains the vocal cords. Every toy offers these positive additional effects with which toddlers learn unconsciously and improve their skills. This is why sustainable and age-appropriate toys for toddlers are so crucial.

What positive effects does the toy have on my toddler?

There are so many toys that no list can be exhaustive. Here you will find an overview of the most important groups in our shop and which positive learning effects they offer when playing with them. But one thing is clear: No matter how instructive, they are all great fun!

Moving small and large muscles

The same learning effect that is produced in toy cars also applies to other vehicle toys, such as boats, trains or planes. All of these toys encourage children to actively move around the room and imitate sounds. This promotes agility and dexterity. The physical activity is focused on the movement of the large muscles in the arms and legs. This movement is called gross motor skills. Fine motor skills, i.e. the movement of the muscles in the fingers, for example, can in turn be promoted with other toys. Stacking toys, for example, in which your child piles up building blocks, animal figures or the like, are suitable for this. To do this, it has to use its fingers skillfully. It also makes its first experiences with the laws of gravity. At the latest when the tower collapses. So your toddler can discover the world around him with toys for his age group.

Building toys and puzzles teach how to solve problems

In addition to building fun, building blocks also offer an opportunity to train fine motor skills. They also affect the brain in a number of ways. The child's creativity and logic are encouraged and they learn to implement ideas and solve problems. The latter is absolutely in the foreground in a puzzle toy. It is thought-provoking to solve the ultimate problem: putting the picture together. For toddlers, puzzle toys should have nice and clear motifs and not have too many pieces. Your child should eventually rise to the challenge and be proud, not frustrated. Therefore encourage your toddler to think logically and creatively with age-appropriate puzzles.

Painting and role playing promote creativity

Every child develops certain interests from an early age. Not all children enjoy handicrafts by the age of two, but if they do it is advisable to purchase toys for them to stimulate creativity and imagination. By doing handicrafts, children improve their ability to implement their own ideas. However, if your child does not like to paint, toys from this category are not recommended, as it is to be expected that these will only make your child bored. Instead, encourage creativity through role-playing games. With cuddly toys, dolls or play figures, for example in the form of a princess or superhero, you can play imaginative games that promote creativity in a meaningful way.

Educational toys for all senses and abilities

In addition, there are of course the educational toys. These are toys that are optimized for the greatest possible learning effect for small children, but are still fun. With this type of toy, individual or multiple aspects of child development are specifically promoted. The skills and senses such as touch, hear and see often play a major role and are trained accordingly. There are also toys for screwing, sorting, counting and arithmetic, the use of which has a positive effect on the early development of young children.

Buy toys for toddlers from Brainbow Toys to get the most out of your learning experience

At Brainbow Toys you will find many international brands for baby toys and toys for toddlers. This overview tells you which products each brand offers.

The brand Guidecraft from the USA has great educational wooden toys for feeling, sorting, counting and much more.

Janod from France shines with creative ideas for bath toys, but also offers stacking and learning games.

Fatbraintoys from the USA offer a similar range of products. Here you will find educational toys for turning and stacking as well as great building and bath toys with suction cups.

The Anamalz come from Australia. These are pretty little animal figures for role-playing games that you can buy to protect the environment at the same time.

The French from Kaloo offer wonderfully soft rag dolls and cuddly toys in pretty packaging.

The Aladine brand also comes from France. She is represented in our shop with baby system pels with beautiful motifs.