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AnaMalz - the cutest wood in the world

For a long time it was uncertain where the small AnaMalz (spoken: Ännemells) come from. Did they just jump out of tree roots? How long have you been in our world? And why, one wonders, do we not see them now and before?

AnaMalz is the cutest wood there is. The little heartbreakers, which were designed by Louise Causon in Australia, first appeared in 2007. Since then Louise has gathered a team of creative minds around her, designed a whole lot of new animals, plants and buildings and has won over 15 awards.

A unique combination of wood and fabric makes every AnaMal something very special. Small children enjoy the friendly faces and the fabric textures that invite you to touch and discover. Big children appreciate the elegant design, the high quality materials and the artistic processing of the animals. Convince yourself of the AnaMalz and put together your own zoo.