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Leg & Go - A Latvian family business with lots of creative ideas and sustainable production

Leg & Go is a brand for wooden toys from Latvia, which in addition to its main product, the Balance Bike, manufactures other wooden toys for children and adults. The inventor of the balance bike, Egons Garklavs, has been a designer and engineer for 30 years. He didn't like the fact that so many disposable parts are produced around the world and decided to take a different route. He built his balance bike so that it grows with the child. This means that parents don't have to buy something new every year. In the meantime the company has grown from a one-man family business to a global company. Egon's son Atis is now the company's managing director. His little son, Kurt, is also involved in product development as a test driver. Three generations work hand in hand at Leg & Go. All Leg & Go products are made of high quality wood. The company ensures that its resources come from sustainable and ecological sources. The Latvians also pay attention to the highest quality when it comes to processing. Every product goes through strict quality controls to ensure the safety of children.