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Klang² - The new, innovative wooden memory with music, noises and language

Klang² is a German start-up that was able to make itself known to a wide audience by appearing on the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen”. The founders of the company are the violin maker Sebastian Oberlin and the musician Adrian Rennertz. Both have been working together since 2017. In 2018 they had the idea for Klang², an innovative variant of the popular game "Memory". The playing tiles, which are made of wood, are equipped with microchips and respond to the smartphone. So you don't have to remember images, as is usually the case with memory, but tones, noises, names or even pieces of music. The product was very well received in a crowdfunding campaign and was finally able to go into series production. It is important to the developers that the game is made entirely of wood, because according to Oberlin, better quality can be achieved with this, which underlines the values ​​of the game: beauty, elegance and creativity. The only exception is the bookbinder edition, which, in keeping with its name, consists of high-quality bookbinder cardboard.

The journey has only just begun for Klang². In addition to the games available for download so far, more will be added gradually. Maybe there will soon be a variant with engine sounds or birds chirping? Take a look at the Klang² products in our shop and convince yourself of the innovative idea and the excellent quality!