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Waytoplay- The flexible motorway from the Netherlands

From a funny idea and a simple design, a toy company was born in 2003, which 14 years later has a worldwide sales network. This is the short summary of the Waytoplay history. It all started with Sybren, the founder and designer of Waytoplay. In 2013 he and his wife Marise embarked on a journey into the unknown world of toys. This year the Waytoplay pilot product came out. It was funded by crowdfunding and was more successful than Sybren and Marise had imagined. The 250 sets produced were sold out in a flash.

Waytoplay combines Dutch design with German quality work

So it's no wonder that the flexible highways soon went into series production. The parts are manufactured by specialists in Breidenbach in Germany. This is done with real high-tech, because although the parts look quite simple, their production is quite complex. The street sections are then given the finishing touches in the form of printing in the Niederladen. Waytoplay is proud to have created 10 jobs in the region so far and thus contributes a small part to the economic well-being of the region.

The enormous growth in recent years does not prevent the founders from continuing to work tirelessly for the company themselves. Marise takes care of the online shop and customer service. Sybren is the managing director and is constantly working on new designs for even better tracks. Take a look at Waytoplay's flexible highways in our shop and convince yourself of the interplay of design, quality and fun!