Sustainable toys for a carefree play experience

It can be assumed that a child in Germany has an average of between 200 and 500 toys in their nursery. The majority of these toys nowadays are made of plastics. Very few parents only buy sustainable toys, for example made of wood, when it comes to keeping their children busy. The amount of toys in German households is not surprising either, because not only parents, but also grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncles, friends and relatives want to make children happy on a regular basis and are therefore giving them toys on more and more occasions.
Gifts are no longer only given on Christmas or the child's birthday, but also on Easter, St. Nicholas and various other occasions. More and more experts say that overcrowding children's rooms with toys leads to overstimulation in children and restricts creativity more than it promotes.
We see another problem in the mass of toys - a large amount of unusable plastic that sooner or later ends up in the trash. That's why we sell in our Online Store For the sake of the environment, sustainable toys, free of harmful substances and produced under the most ecologically and socially compatible conditions possible.

Sustainable and educational toys instead of an empty flood of plastic

Our toys are usually more sustainable in many ways than the toys made by the companies that dominate the market. First of all, many of our toys are made of wood or other sustainable material that can be biodegraded or recycled. This applies above all to our range for toddlers and babies. High-quality material is particularly important in toys for these age groups, as children of this age explore a lot with their mouths and tend to put toys in their mouths. As a parent, you should therefore pay attention to the materials used in the toys you buy. With our sustainably produced toys made from natural materials, you play it safe here.

Buy playable, creative and sustainable toys from Brainbow Toys

We collect creative and unusual game ideas from all over the world. In total, we currently carry products from around 70 manufacturers from South America, Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA. We select each of our partners carefully and according to certain criteria. The decisive factors for us are, on the one hand, the game idea, the possibilities for developing creativity and the educational added value and, on the other hand, the sustainability and environmental friendliness of the products. With us you buy sustainable toys made from organically obtained materials and from fair-treated workers. Discover the variety of our range of sustainable toys for babies, toddlers, school children and young people in our Online Store.
At the same time, we choose the toys in our range based on their long-term playability and the educational added value the end. The higher this educational added value, the longer your child will be able to deal with the toy. Because a good toy offers the child opportunities to develop creatively and does not dictate the exact use of the game. This is exactly where the educational added value of a toy lies, namely that it can be used creatively and the child expands their own knowledge and imagination in the process. Educational toys are therefore also sustainable toys. Because a toy that can be used more and longer and enables creative play can replace a multitude of senseless plastic toys. Instead of twenty useless games with no added value, your child probably only needs a few, but really usable and sustainable toys. In this way you can contain the flood of plastic in the children's room and buy real added value for your child with sustainable toys.