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Fill the advent calendar yourself - more creative and personal than chocolate

When the Christmas season approaches, an advent calendar is a great way to shorten the waiting time for the holidays. Simple variants with cheap chocolate behind every door are nice, but also uncreative and boring. It is much more personal and creative to be able to fill and design an advent calendar yourself. So when you have made a nice calendar for your child, a family member or your partner, at some point you will be faced with the question: What should be in the Advent calendar? Sure, you could fill each compartment with candy, but that's not only unhealthy, it's boring too. Here you will find some toy ideas with which you can fill and enrich your advent calendar yourself.

What fits in my advent calendar?

The size and shape of your homemade or purchased calendar will determine how large the content can be. It makes a difference whether you want to fill 24 socks of the same size, for example, or whether you have no problem lining up packages of different sizes. On this page you will primarily find ideas for small things that you can use to fill your advent calendar yourself.

A good Advent calendar only becomes really exciting through its variance. Every day toys are just as boring as coupons or sweets every day. The right mix makes it. Of course you can fill your entire advent calendar with the toy ideas mentioned below, but we advise against it. Use the ideas to get inspired and to give your advent calendar a very personal touch.

Small toy for the advent calendar

If you want your calendar to be a gift for a child, it is a good idea to look at the child's age. Especially with smaller children, the level of development is decisive for whether they can use a toy properly at all. You can log on to our website Child development inform about the age from which children should have which skills. Here you will find some suggestions for toys with which you can fill your advent calendar yourself.