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Have fun with bath toys while washing

The bathtub doesn't just have to be a place to wash. Rather, it is a place for children where they can let their imaginations run wild. With our high-class and creative selection of bath toys, bathing becomes more than just a chore.

What is bath toy?

These are toys that are mainly used in the bathtub. Sometimes you will also find the terms bathtub toys or water toys. Of course, the products can also be used outside the bathtub, for example in the paddling pool or in the pool. The best known bath toy is probably the rubber duck. It delights babies and toddlers with its colorful appearance and the funny tones that it gives. There is a large selection of shapes and colors of these bathing companions, especially for babies and toddlers. They all have the same purpose, namely to playfully teach children about washing and hygiene. Good bath toys can even encourage water-shy children to look forward to regular bathing.

For which age groups is bath toy suitable?

Even babies who are only a few months old can easily put a squeaker in the bathtub. Make sure that it is nice and soft. On the other hand, it should encourage you to touch it, for example with a funny shape or exciting colors. Babies from 6 months can also have great fun with water splashes. Infants from one year old love to watch cause and effect. Are for them Jugs or buckets, optionally with holes, always well suited. Also with floating objects or animals they have a lot of fun, especially if they have a suitable landing net for "fishing". Also for older children there are great ideas for the bathtub. About one waterproof puzzle, a whale to paint, a fishing game or many other creative products.

Bath toys are dangerous for my child

Bath toys or water toys are generally safe for children. This is ensured by numerous EU standards. For example, there must be no harmful substances in the toy. However, it is always a good idea, especially with smaller children, to keep an eye on the child while it is playing in the water. You also shouldn't just put normal toys in the bath. This can not only break, but also organize a real mess if it is not colourfast.

Good quality is important for all baby and toddler products. This is especially true for bath toys. Because only high quality bath tub toys are durable and durable. Cheap fabrics can become brittle in water after a while. Pay particular attention to regular cleaning for products that are soaking up. Otherwise the toys may change color and develop an unpleasant smell. So: Always wring out well and let it dry to avoid problems from the outset.

Creative bath toys at Brainbow Toys

In this category you will find a large selection of creative bath toys and water toys for babies and toddlers. The best known bath toy is probably the rubber duck. If your child is interested in other animals or would like to put together a bathing zoo, you should consider the Squeaky animals Tikiri look at. They are made of soft rubber and come in many variations, from dogs to lions to raccoons. They come from the USA Schwimmer Kid O., It is about Plastic animals in beautiful colors floating on the water surface. If you don't like animals, you may have more fun with one electronic boat. The French brand offers a large selection of different bath toys Janod. Here you can find the Puzzle over fishing game to basketball hoop many creative ideas to turn the bathtub into a playground.