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Udea's marble run: Bamboo Build & Run

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Transparent watercolor ground

Guidecraft Treasure Tubes


GIGI Blocks XXL 100

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Transparent watercolor ground

Guidecraft Treasure Blocks


GIGI Blocks XXL 200

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Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks Colorful

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GIGI Bloks - House Set

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Building Toys - A popular classic among children's toys

Construction toys have been extremely popular with children and adults for over 100 years. In 1882 the first kit made of artificial stone came onto the market. Some 50 years later, Lego began its triumphal march through the world's children's rooms. Today there is hardly a child who has never played with building blocks, kits or building kits.

What is the difference between building blocks, kits and kits?

There are now countless variants of construction toys. This leads to a confusion of names. In our shop we decided on a uniform naming. Here is a brief explanation of what we mean by which term.

Building blocks promote free play and creativity

Building blocks are the absolute classic among building toys. They can be made of completely different materials, such as wood, plastic or cardboard. Some building blocks have magnets, others have suction cups. However, they have one thing in common: you should build something with them! A tower, a house, a spaceship, no matter what. There are building blocks with templates to build. Others get by without guidance and invite you to be creative. Playing with them promotes dexterity and spatial thinking in children. Building blocks motivate children to use their imagination. In our shop you will find building blocks made of wood, plastic and cardboard. We also have a large selection of magnetic components. All products in this category are kept simple to encourage free creative play. You can find sets with building blocks that dictate a lot in our building sets.

Construction sets give you a thematic direction - you can still play freely and creatively

A building kit is nothing more than a collection of building blocks. If the building blocks of this set are assigned to a specific, predetermined topic, we count them in the building blocks category. For us, a building block set that mainly builds vehicles is a vehicle kit. You can find blocks with special magnetic connection systems in metal construction kits. Of course, free and creative play is also possible with building blocks. However, the imagination is helped somewhat. This is a great help for some children, because not everyone can easily think of something great. A building instruction or a suggestion comes in handy. Modules are usually self-contained. This means that their building blocks do not match other building blocks. You cannot easily add another product. However, there are exceptions. Some brands have a range of kits that are compatible with each other.

With kits you build strictly according to templates

Products in the kits category differ from kits in two ways. Firstly, they do not contain any real building blocks. The components of a kit usually have only one purpose and must be attached in the right place. You cannot implement your own ideas with them. On the other hand, the end product is already fixed for kits. With a racing car kit it is clear that in the end a single racing car is created. Variations are not possible. Most of the kits are not about building creatively, but precisely and in detail. You have to be clever so that most kits in this category are only suitable for older children, adolescents or adults. Some kits are particularly popular with adults. They build detailed structures or vehicles to relax.

Construction and construction toys at Brainbow Toys

At Brainbowtoys you will find many international brands for construction toys. This overview shows you which products each brand offers.

Classic, simple Holzbausteine as well as a large amount Kits is available from the US brand Guidecraft.

At the brand pixio from Ukraine you will find small, cube-shaped ones Magnetic blocks in a pixel look.

GIGI blocks from the Netherlands are huge Cardboard building blocks.

Similar large but magnetic building blocks offers the Polish brand Jollyheap

They come from Israel OFFbits in your Metal kits

The French brand Janod offers among other things magnetic kits for toddlers

With the brand Ugears you are building from Ukraine mechanical wooden models without tools or glue.