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Assembly Kits

A kit is a variant of the construction toys. You might be wondering how construction toys differ. What is the difference to a Construction kit? Based on a few criteria, you can see for yourself in a matter of seconds whether you have a construction kit or a kit in front of you.

How do I recognize a kit?

That's easy. All kits follow a given blueprint. You know from the start what you are building and what it will look like in the end. The components are designed to serve a specific purpose. They have a specific place to occupy. They cannot be installed anywhere else. More complex kits in particular usually have step-by-step instructions. They show you the exact position of the component. A lot of people do it with pictures.

In contrast to construction kits, the components in kit sets cannot be combined with other sets. Many kits also include special tools or accessories, such as rubber bands, that must be used during assembly. In contrast to the construction kit, creativity is more in the background with the kit. It is not necessary to bring in your own ideas. You can simply follow strict rules and be happy with the result at the end. For many kit enthusiasts, designing models is not important. After all, not everyone can be a design genius. Therefore, many use a kit to relax, have fun and learn.

What age are they suitable for?

Kit sets are now available for children from the age of 3. However, older children, adolescents and even adults also enjoy the variety of different models. It is best for toddlers to start their kit careers with simple constructions. Simple models with clear shapes and significant colors are important. The set should have a few parts so as not to overwhelm the child. For older children, especially from primary school age, the kits can be more complex and detailed. For schoolchildren, kit sets are often twice as effective, because besides having fun building, there is often a lot to learn. But be careful of sets that require strong glue. There is a risk of injury to younger children here.

Brand diversity in the Brainbow Toys online shop

At Brainbowtoys you will find many kits from international brands. This overview shows you which products each brand offers.

The brand Janod from France offers sets for toddlers in fun shapes like rockets or airplanes.

At mic.o.mic from Germany you will also find sets for toddlers. These are colorful vehicles in bright colors.
Franzis from Germany is known for detailed models to build yourself with sound and illustrated instructions. Great for technology freaks and those who want to become one.

At Udeas you will find great, environmentally friendly marble tracks made of bamboo.
The Ukrainian brand Ugears offers a large selection of mechanical wooden models for self-assembly. With them you can build models that are driven by rubber bands without glue.