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Wooden dollhouse and accessories at Brainbow Toys

Are you looking for a cozy place for your favorite dolls? You want to beautify your dollhouse with a chic kitchen? Or do you need some new dolls or pets for your dollhouse? Then you've come to the right place to find exciting products or to find out more about the doll's house as a toy.

What actually is a doll's house or a doll's house?

The concept of a dollhouse is easy to explain. It's a mini version of an apartment or house inhabited not by real people but by dolls. Sometimes the doll's house is also referred to as a doll's house. If you live in southern Germany or Austria, you may have come across the term more often. But what is meant is the same in each case.

People had the idea of ​​building a doll's house more than 500 years ago. Back then, however, it was not toy makers who made doll houses. This was done by talented craftsmen and artists. Of course that was very expensive. That's why a doll's house was not a toy at that time, but rather a luxury decorative item. Rich people had their real house built in mini form and could use it to entertain their guests.

In the past, doll houses were not toys, but works of art

There are even real gems among the dollhouses of yesteryear. Some of them can still be admired in the museum today. The Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg, for example, exhibits the Stromersche dollhouse. The little work of art is almost 400 years old and offers so many dollhouse accessories that you still pale with envy today. From horse stables to four-poster beds, you will find everything a doll's heart could have desired in the 17th century. You can see a picture of Stromer's dollhouse here. 

Later, the dollhouse turned into a questionable educational toy

Doll houses grew in popularity and became popular as toys in the 19th century. Wealthy families could buy beautiful doll houses and lots of accessories as toys for their children. Because for the first time companies manufactured the products in series. But even for poor people, the toy was not out of reach. They often built themselves simple wooden doll houses or doll rooms.

Back then almost only girls were allowed to play with it. They should be prepared for their role as housewives. That's why there were whole doll's kitchens with all kinds of kitchen appliances early on. In this way, the little ladies were able to learn early on how to find their way around in the kitchen. Luckily, this perspective has gradually changed. Nowadays almost everyone knows that the dollhouse is a toy for both girls and boys.

A great educational toy for many different skills

Doll houses can be huge and beautiful. Other specimens are small and plain. However, this has no effect on the learning effect that you experience while playing. You can train the same skills with the XXL doll's house or the mini doll's room. Through the role-play you promote your social skills and stimulate your imagination. You have to be creative in furnishing and decorating. You'll also become more and more skilled at placing the dollhouse furniture.

Discover doll houses, doll house furniture and other accessories from all over the world at Brainbow Toys

In our shop is above all the brand Tender Leaf Toys strongly represented from the USA. Unfortunately, it is also often out of stock. But that won't surprise you once you've looked at the products. If you want to set up your dollhouse from top to bottom, you've come to the right place. In addition to classics like this complete dollhouse with accessories or facilities of Bathroom until Kitchen there are also extraordinary accessories to discover. So you can put your dolls in their house Rabbit, cats, one chicken coop or even a whole one Farm Add.

From the other end of the world we get the detailed products from Plan Toys. The Thai brand for wooden toys offers a small specialty. Even if My first dollhouse and I baked the Playhouse creative Compared to the American competitor, it is a bit simpler, but the accessories pack a punch. Every Plan Toys dollhouse room, whether kitchen, Bath or Bedroom, is available in three different styles. So you can constantly redecorate your dollhouse and rediscover it every time. Rustic today and modern tomorrow is no problem with these wooden accessory sets.

The dear relatives say hello

The play concept of a dollhouse is not unique. There are all sorts of products that offer similar play and learning opportunities. These toys are sort of related to the dollhouse.

Spielküche focuses on a specific room in your dollhouse and leaves you in charge. Here your dolls are left out and you swing pots and pans yourself. Click here to discover our selection of play kitchens and accessories.

While the doll's house is intended to depict life at home, shops focus on another aspect: contact with strangers. You first have to learn how to deal with customers. Are you more of the friendly advisor or the unscrupulous salesman? find it in yours own shop out and various items for sale. For example fruit and vegetables, Others Groceries … or even a dollhouse 😉.