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What is an educational toy?

Every game and every toy offers a learning effect. It doesn't matter how old the player is. Playing and learning go hand in hand. Perhaps you are asking yourself: "If my child can learn with all toys, why are educational toys still needed?" A legitimate question! Especially if you still remember learning from school as a chore. However, you shouldn't make the mistake of copying educational toys as boring. Because the opposite is the case!

Fun is also a priority when it comes to learning toys. The products are however optimized for the greatest possible learning effect. As a result, the child develops not just one but several skills. A bare wooden block, for example, is not a "real" educational toy. It actively promotes few skills. A colorful wooden block with an interesting texture that bears a number fits perfectly into the category. It activates several senses and abilities at the same time.

This is how educational toys help your child's development

Let's stick to the example of the block with texture and numbers. If your child plays with it, of course they want to build something. The effects that help with the development take place incidentally. The child grabs the building block and thus activates his motor skills. It picks it up and feels the soft texture, which means that the sense of touch literally comes into play. It sees the number and may wonder what that is? That triggers curiosity. It may ask you what this symbol means. Then a mere building block not only ensured that your child gets to know numbers, but also encouraged them to social interaction.

This is just one example from many. Every educational toy is different, there are different focuses. Some toys tend to promote motor skills, i.e. the flexibility of the muscles. Other products convey creativity, emotions and the opportunity to express yourself. Educational toys are as diverse as children themselves. Therefore, you should consider a few things when buying to find the right product for your child.

What you need to consider when buying educational toys

There is an age recommendation for each product. However, this is not generally applicable. Some one-year-olds are already ready for toys from the age of 2. Other children may not be ready for it at 2½ years of age. The criterion is always the level of development. There are certain things a child should be able to do at some point. You can find out exactly what these are here. For example, for a 3-month-old child who can't even sit and grip properly, stacked toys are nonsensical. On the other hand, a 2-year-old child who has problems with grasping and coordination can benefit all the more from it. Nobody knows his child as well as his parents. So pay attention to what your child can do before you buy interesting educational toys. Or ask the parents if you want to give something away.

What educational toys you can find with us

At Brainbowtoys you will find many products from international brands that are designed to promote development. This overview shows you which products each brand offers.

The US brand Fat brain toys is represented by us with toys that are about Get to know colors, shapes and sounds.

Also comes from the USA Guidecraft. Here you will find a large selection of wooden educational toys for almost every area of ​​development: Motor skills, sensors, counting and raking, recognizing shapes, assigning colors and much more.

The brand Janod from France offers beautiful Educational games to feel, sort, count or screw

Sumblox are the ultimate toys for Understand numbers and learn to calculate. The numbers have different sizes and are stacked. The following applies: same height, same value. This is a great tool for children with arithmetic problems to understand numbers in a playful way.

The German brand is a specialty among our educational toys Primo. Small children learn with the small robot Cubetto. Program and promote their logical thinking. The best thing about it: Everything works completely screen-free!