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Role playing games for children - just be someone else

Role-playing games are great for children. They love to slip into different roles. They play father-mother-child, robbers & cops or cowboys & Indians. In doing so, they imitate voices, noises and behaviors that they associate with the role. For example, if your child imitates the car noises on their ride-on vehicle and steers with great concentration, they are probably imagining taking part in a wild car race. This is not only fun for the child, but also promotes the development of their social and cognitive skills.

What effect do role playing games have on my child?

Children can do more than just theirs through role playing Improve imagination and creativity. When a child thinks of a role, it has a positive impact on many aspects of their development. In the role play, many aspects of social interaction can be explored safely. For example, if the child plays a police officer, doctor or fireman, he learns which one Functions of these professions in our society. This helps to better understand the often confusing adult world. For this, the child often has to put himself in the person. It has to imagine what the person thinks, feels or wants. This builds it to be empathy that later pays off in social interaction. If the child plays together with other children, it must communicate. It has to convey its ideas and ideas to the other children. As a result, it develops its linguistic skills on the one hand, and on the other hand, it has its first experiences Cooperation and teamwork.

What types of role playing games are there?

There are roughly two types of role-playing games. On the one hand, there is rule-based role-playing game. The rules are clear and everyone knows roughly how to behave. This variant is significantly more popular among adolescents and adults than among children. They meet explicitly to slip into different roles. Some play on plain paper, others slip on elaborate disguises. This is often too restrictive for toddlers and children. They prefer the free role play. There are no rules other than those you make yourself. Often, the children did not make a fixed appointment to role-play, but spontaneously decided that, for example, a shop would be played.

Which toy is suitable for this?

Children are extremely imaginative and can play with just about anything they find. In the imagination, the pen becomes a microphone, the bed sheet a cloak or the saucepan a drum. However, there are also toys that are specially designed to promote role play in children. These are usually assigned to a certain topic and animate the child to slip into a certain role. In our shop there are many creative toys that are there for that. Here are a few of our recommendations.

Camera with light and sound gives your child the opportunity to feel like a photographer. It is made of wood and has a protective cover made of silicone. It goes very well with Wooden smartphone with functions.

10-piece doctor bag your child can Be a doctor. In addition, it also gets to know the functions of medical instruments such as stethoscopes, syringes and disinfectants better.

Children who prefer handcrafted roles want to fill in, enjoy one Wood tool box. In it you will find everything a skilled craftsman needs to repair, from hammer to saw to pliers.

Two classic role-playing games are the shop and the kitchen. In our large collection "Kitchen, shop and accessories“You will find great wooden toys for eating, drinking, weighing, cooking and selling.