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3Dsimo Filament PLA different colors & sets


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Amewi Buggy Atomic 2WD 2,4 GHz 1:12 RTR


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Airwood spare parts for Sophon


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Electronic toys

Electronic toys are extremely popular with children of all ages. Whether they drive, swim, fly or just glow, they encourage children and adults to engage with the digital world. They unconsciously promote hand-eye coordination and awaken an understanding of technical, mechanical and electronic relationships. Programmable toys even open the door to the world of algorithms. Our selection of innovative electronic toys offers exciting play and learning opportunities for young and old. Read on to discover the highlights from the different categories.

Electronic toys at Brainbow Toys

3D printing and accessories

In this category you will find the 3D Simo 3D printing pen. It is available in different sets and variants. The basic product is that 3DSimo kitwhere you assemble your push pin yourself. You use it to process plastic filaments into works of art. The pen develops a high temperature. It is therefore only suitable from the age of 14. However, children from 8 years old can use the Basic slim pressure pen Create 3D drawings. Although this also develops temperature, this is harmless for children. With the Multipro box advanced and professionals can not only in 3D printing. The box makes the 3DSimo a 4-in-1 tool with which you can also burn, cut and solder. Of course there are also a lot of them Accessories. You can find, for example, printing material in various colors, drawing pads, holders and more.

Drones and accessories

In our shop you will find drones mainly from the brand Airwood. They are Kits for wooden drones. You can assemble the drone yourself and then fly it. It is available in four different forms. There is also one 4-in-1 boxwith which the frames can be changed as desired. You will also find everything you need for accessories for your Airwood wooden drone. In addition to the charger, camera module or remote control, you will find every conceivable spare part here. If something breaks, you can replace it quickly and easily. Another drone in our range is also a kit. The mark Circuit Scribe is known for their circuit kits and has created a drone in which you draw the circuit yourself with ink on paper.

Learning packages on the subject of electronics and programming

With the learning packages from franzis you can acquire new knowledge and develop your skills. Each set has a specific theme and many electronic components as well as instructions. The experiments from the instructions can be implemented with the components. You will get to know different concepts of electronics in a playful and motivating way. Discover the Tesla energy, enter the field of digital electronics or start with the basics of electronics. Those who like it even more practical can also learn to solder.

Robots & accessories

When it comes to programmable toys, robots are at the forefront. In this category you will find various Learning robot as well as extensions and accessories. The brand is the most common makeblock. The Chinese company offers learning robots to build yourself, for example the mBot. Not only can you play with it, you can also learn to program. The graphical programming language mBlockly helps with this. With this you control the actions of the robot from your smartphone or tablet. There are many extensions for the mBot that add new functions such as obstacle detection or voice control. Most makeblock products are suitable for children aged 8 and over.

For younger children there is, among other things, the learning robot Cube. This is made of wood and can already be used by small children. It enables you to learn the basics of programming without a screen. The little one is also screen-free matatalab. Both sets have in common that they have developed a hands-on programming language. The robot is programmed using blocks that you put on a control board. Pressing the "Play" button lets your robot execute the commands.

Learn to program with creative, electronic toys

This category includes all of our educational robots, as you can also use them to learn programming. However, there are other programmable toys. For example, with the Neuron Artist Set, you build musical instruments out of paper and program them to play the right sounds. Of the Intelino Smart Train is a programmable toy train. It runs on plastic rails, but is also compatible with many wooden rails. Programming it is very easy and fun. Just put the colorful ones in the rails. You can order the train to go faster or slower, turn lights on and off, or stop. Of the HaloCode is a single board computer that offers a lot of different learning opportunities. The included free software mBlock 5 makes it extremely easy to start with HaloCode and learn to program. Everyone can create their own creations in a simple and fun way. The software can also be switched to Phyton with one click.

Learn the basics of electronics with circuit construction kits

As the name suggests, you can use the products in this category to create your own circuits. That works on one side with paper and ink in the sets from Circuit Scribe. They contain a pen with special conductive ink. Just draw a circuit on a piece of paper. Then connect the modules and see how your circuit works. On the other hand, the electronic components from  Brick'R'Knowledge . You put these together in a circuit. You can install lights, resistors, buzzers and many other modules.