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Friedrich Schiller already said that “people are only fully human when they play”. However, you don't have to be a poet and thinker to understand the fascination of games of all kinds. The joy of playing - alone, against each other, or with each other - can be experienced by everyone. Here you will find over 100 games for children, toddlers & babies that are great fun for adults too.

Board games, card games, brain games and more
Browse through our categories and discover new creative games. Both board games you will find, among other things, the simple but exciting game creations from W&P as well as the board game Ludo, a version of Ludo made of wood in different variants.
If you like to exercise your brain while playing, you will find the Mind games some brain teasers to crack. Find out the opponent's combo in Master Logic. Solve a colorful wooden Sudoku or try Möbi, the fast numbers game.
With our Skill games you can put your skills to the test. Learn new tricks with the Japanese classics Kururin and Kendama. Test your aim in mini-bowling or use your throwing skills to dominate the field in Smak, the outdoor throwing game.
Strategy and tactics are the matchstickPlaying cards asked by Helvetiq. Bluff, combine or be the fastest to emerge victorious.
There are great ones for younger children Sorting and stacking games. Not only can the little ones have a lot of fun, they can also improve their skills. Stacking promotes dexterity and strengthens the tendons and muscles. When sorting, children have to strain their brains and recognize and assign colors and shapes. If you want to encourage a child 5 years and older to exercise, they are magnetic dart games from scratch a good idea.