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Goki slide vehicle different colors


Movement toys - be active and stay fit

It is important that children keep moving. This helps not only physical, but also mental health. Our selection of movement toys and games for active play ensures that children can learn early on that being active is fun. Active play extends a child's perception through imagination and physical activity! Playfully ensure that your children stay active both inside and outside. Discover our first-class selection of educational toys for active play. Because active children are happy children!

Movement toys at Brainbow Toys

We have toys for active play in 5 categories. In the category skill you'll find the classic Japanese game Kendama. You can do great tricks with a ball and string. But you have to practice for that, because it's not easy. There is a category for younger children who are just learning to walk Pull and slide toys. Here you will find all kinds of funny animals to pull or push, which encourage children to walk and run.

The slightly older ones have already mastered the first steps and enjoy one Rider vehicle. So they can jet around and spend themselves properly. With our choice of metal or wooden slides, there is something for every vehicle lover. In the category Games there are great creative ideas for moving toys to discover. About one Table tennis game in the door frame, an exciting throwing game or a magnetic dart game. You will also find the award-winning wooden balance bike in our shop Leg & Go. It grows with the child and can even be converted into a bicycle.