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Learn & relax with puzzles from Brainbow Toys
Puzzles are simply part of the children's room. They are one of those classic toys that young and old have enjoyed for generations. Not only children have fun with the colorful puzzles. Even adults solve complex motifs with several hundred or thousand parts to relax. In our shop you will find a selection of interesting products not only for children.

The right age for jigsaw puzzles
Some products are already for Children from 12 months suitable. This is mostly about Steckpuzzle. With these, the parts are inserted into predetermined troughs. So if your child is already quite comfortable sitting and grasping with the tweezer grip, they're all set to start. It's not just a great pastime. Babies and toddlers benefit greatly from plug-in or layered puzzles. They train their motor skills and learn to move fingers and hands skillfully. By focusing on just one thing, they strengthen their ability to concentrate. Trying parts over and over again helps children develop their problem-solving skills. Because if you have already solved several puzzles, you follow a certain strategy to make it easier for yourself.

Puzzle in the online shop at Brainbow Toys
At Brainbowtoys you will find many international puzzle game brands. This overview tells you which products each brand offers.

Those of the New York design brand areaware do you find beautiful motif puzzle in the form of food as well Puzzle with color scales.
Elou from Portugal offers 3D puzzle for babies and toddlers at. The products are made of 100% cork from sustainable cultivation.
The brand comes from the USA Fat brain toys. Among other things, it offers Pixel look puzzle with 700 or 1500 small parts.
The brand offers a less traditional approach to the topic geobender with their magnetic 3D puzzle cubes.
From the brand goki you can find with us Wooden puzzles with animal or vehicle motifs for babies and toddlers.
The French of Janod offer among other things Puzzle for the bathtub and magnetic world map for learning.