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Fascination play kitchen

The play kitchen and the grocery store have been an integral part of children's role play for decades. Not only toddlers enjoy it. It can often be seen that children up to primary school age have great fun with their toy kitchens. Where does this fascination come from and what does playing in a play kitchen do with the child?

Children love to imitate and imitate adults

Children look up to adults. This is not only due to their small size. They are fascinated by the trades in the adult world that they themselves cannot yet understand. Through imitation and imitation, the children are able to think themselves into the role of an adult and thereby gain valuable experience. In role-playing games in the play kitchen, they playfully approach the rules of everyday life. You get an impression of what function a certain profession, such as a cook, has in society and what is expected of it. This makes it easier for them to find their way around our social fabric.

Role play strengthens creativity and social skills

As with other role-playing games, imagination and ingenuity are also essential in the play kitchen. The child has to decide what to cook, who to cook for and what ingredients and tools to use. On the one hand, this strengthens cognitive skills, especially memory. Because the ingredients and utensils want to be named correctly, especially when several children are playing together. In this case, the children also experience cooperation and teamwork. They learn that they have to communicate and coordinate with each other in order to achieve their desired result.

For whom are play kitchens suitable?

Children from toddler age, i.e. from about 2 years of age, are sufficiently advanced in their development to have great fun with a toy kitchen (Click here to learn more about the development of 2 year old children). Experience has shown that a good children's kitchen can inspire children even into elementary school age, because playing is extremely varied. It doesn't follow any set rules and rarely gets boring. There used to be a tendency for toy kitchens to be more for girls. The fact that children are put into such a role is a relic of the past. You should never classify toys by gender. Every child can have fun with every toy. Of course, boys also like to swing the imaginary wooden spoon if you give them the freedom to develop according to their own needs.

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