Buy wooden toys to promote motor skills so that your child can develop freely

In early childhood, among other things, the child's motor skills develop and would like to be specially promoted in stages. Buy the organically produced wooden toys from the Brainbow Toys online shop and consciously support your child's development. From the first head lifting, free sitting, grasping to the first crawling and then the first steps, we offer suitable wooden toys to promote your child's motor skills.

Wooden toys you can touch - first development of fine motor skills

At three months of age, toys become an issue for most babies and toddlers for the first time. Now children are starting to reach for objects around them. This first development of fine motor skills can be optimally supported and risk-free with high-quality wooden toys. Because the wooden toy for the development of motor skills from our Online Store is guaranteed untreated, free of sharp edges and toxic chemicals. Many babies especially like to explore their toys with their mouths. Here health-related precautions should be taken.

Development of gross motor skills through cars and other wooden toys

The gross motor skills, strengthening the arm and leg muscles, take place at a somewhat later point in time. Our age-appropriate wooden toys - cars and other small vehicles - now playfully convey forward movement. From seals to crawling to walking - buy a variety of wooden toys and develop your child's gross motor skills. Discover the variety of vehicles made of wood and other materials in our online shop. Encourage your child to be more mobile with sustainably produced toys and strengthen their motor skills at an early stage.

Buy stacking toys and other wooden toys for fine motor skills

Everyone knows them, the small wooden blocks for toddlers to stack. But not everyone suspects what importance the blocks can have for the development of fine motor skills in a child. By stacking the individual parts, a toddler learns new fine movement patterns. A stacking toy no longer has to be a set of boring building blocks. Discover in our Online Store the variety of our different wooden toys for stacking and support your child in developing their fine motor skills by buying age-appropriate games.

Wooden toys, sustainably produced for the development of fine and gross motor skills

Promote your child's motor skills with sustainable and educational wooden toys. At Brainbow Toys, we represent products from over 70 manufacturers from around the world. Our toys come from South America, Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA. All of our products are handpicked and selected according to exacting criteria. With us you will only find high quality toys with a high play value and an sustainable production. Discover our diverse offers. In our range you will not only find wooden toys for the motor development of your baby or toddler, but you can also buy numerous toys for older children.